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About us

For students


Creativity Pools is a non-profit organisation that connects young and innovative talent with organisations. In a multidisciplinary team, guided by professional coaches, we'll help you grow personally and professionally.


Boost your career with us:

  • Gain valuable experience through our consultancy projects

  • Master essential business skills

  • Discover your dream job

For organisations

Creativity Pools specialises in offering high-quality consultancy and hiring services aimed at assisting your organisation in tackling challenges with fresh perspectives. Our multidisciplinary teams, under the guidance of professional coaches, deliver out-of-the-box solutions to help your organisation grow.

Discover what we can do for you:

  • Hire a talent to unleash your organisation's full potential

  • Organise a tailor-made hackathons that help you tackle your business issues

  • Challenge us with your business dilemma


Creativity Pools has experience in the following domains:


Automotive industry | Agriculture | Banks and financial institutions | Climate Change | Education | Energy | Healthcare | Municipality & Ministeries | Scholarship funding | Small en Medium Sized Entreprises | Social Domain | Start & Scale ups | Regenerative agroforestry | Wholesale | Engineering | Construction

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