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As a student, you determine your own path and career steps. By participating in our talent management program, we can help you achieve your goals and find you your next job, whatever and whenever they may be. 

Our Talent Management Program (TMP) is a 16-week training and career development program for highly educated and ambitious students and graduates. During this programme, you build a strong foundation for a successful career and develop the skills that enable you to succeed. Upon completion of the program, you will join our community of alumni.


During the TMP, you can choose to gain skills in the field of consultancy by participating in an internal or external business case. The ultimate goal of the TMP is to discover who you are, how to become the best version of yourself, and match you with your future employer.

Check out our job portal where you can explore or apply for your ideal internship, graduation internship, traineeship, part-time or full-time at Creativity Pools or with our partners!


Your Personal Development Matters

Within the TMP, a series of weekly workshops are available to you, filled with useful tips for developing your skills and building a future-proof career.

Business District

Soft Skills

You follow an extensive soft-skill trajectory, in which skills such as networking, presenting, deep learning and discipline are trained. With this you work on your personal development and prepare yourself for challenges during the internal and external business cases, and later in your next job.

Peer consulting with fellow consultants

Every month, you'll attend a peer consulting session with other students. Here, you'll learn more about yourself, your strengths, how to use your persuasion skills when presenting or applying, and how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape in business.


Trainers and coaches from partners and Creativity Pools will guide you throughout the entire TMP. In personal 1-on-1 sessions, you'll delve deeper into your development goals and discuss your experiences.

Explore And Find Your Next Job Opportunity

You will go through a modern and challenging learning journey to discover which new challenge is right for you. We will teach you the necessary knowledge and skills by coaching you on-the-job as a student-consultant. Together we create your personal career passport and award you with a certification.


Participation in the TMP is not a "need to have," but certainly a "nice to have"!

Ready for the next step?

How to Get Your Career Starting


with our community of CP alumni from your field. Remember, our alumni have been in your shoes and can share their knowledge and expertise to support you in your job orientation.


to think differently and share your career vision among student-consultants from other fields. Your vision has an impact on the group and vice versa.



yourself continously and engage in various extracurricular activities alongside your studies. Stay focused on the progress of your development.

Find out more about our alumni network and it can offer you here:

Students That Found Their Next Opportunity


"Working as a consultant at Creativity Pools is one of the best work experiences any university student can have. You will have the freedom to tackle complex business problems from the most prominent companies and organizations in the Netherlands, allowing you to gain valuable experience and learn from other students with diverse backgrounds. The management team at Creativity Pools is already generous in offering you this opportunity, but they go even further by helping you find your next dream job after graduation through their extensive network."

Finance Consultant

Erden Karso 🇳🇱

Tilburg University - BSc International Business Administration

Tilburg University - MSc Strategic Management

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