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Internal Business Cases

Expand your skillset by joining one of our teams. Depending on your interests, you can join one or more.


Talent Management Program

The TMP team is responsible for the design and implementation of our tailored training program. This means that its main focus is to craft the ideal path for every talent to develop to the fullest within Creativity Pools. This is done by managing and continuously updating the main stages: interview, reception, intake, assessment, training and final placement. Working in talent management allows you to practice your organisational and interpersonal skills!

Sustainability Council

Our Sustainability council team works on researching and analysing areas where Creativity Pools can implement sustainable solutions. It sets sustainability standards and provides guidelines for their implementation and monitoring. At the same time, it seeks partnership opportunities to boost the environmental transition through internal and external projects. By being part of this team, you can best exercise your innovative and creative thinking and learn how to turn it into concrete solutions, with a focus on sustainability, of course!

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Community Building

The team is responsible for developing Creativity Pools' external and internal relationships. In fact, it is in charge of managing our social media, with the aim of building and maintaining strong relationships with companies, possible partners, students and other stakeholders. Internally, it manages and monitors personal tracks and organises team-building and recreational events. If you want to challenge yourself as a social media manager and contribute to CP's growth and internal well-being, this is the right team for you!

Decision-Support Model

Over the past decades, our world has become increasingly complex at a rapid pace. Due to a growing number of technological, economic and social developments, it is becoming increasingly difficult to see the connections between different networks in society. When formulating a policy for a complex, societal issue, there are often fixed, centralized procedures in place. The team working on this project designed the Decision-Support Model which offers an inclusive, transformational solution to policymakers. If you decide to join this team, you will be responsible for commercialising the model from concept phase to end phase. Ready for the challenge? 


At Creativity Pools we stimulate new and fresh ideas that have the potential to impact society. Are you a young professional that seeks support to help your business grow? Reach out and let's see how we can work together!

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