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We are a diverse community of interdisciplinary students eager to make impact.
We provide innovative, creative and cutting-edge ideas on the challenges of organisations.
Get to know us and have the opportunity to work with and hire
 our talents.
Our World is Changing

Over the past decades, our world has become increasingly complex at a rapid pace. Due to a growing number of technological, economic and social developments, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to keep up. To thrive in this volatile and unpredictable postpandemic economy, organisations need strategies that can generate long lasting impact. 

At Creativity Pools we support organisations in their quest for sustainable growth. Our young, bright and talented students have the bold mindset to shed light on the status quo within organisations and inspire with new, fresh and out-of-the box ideas.


Be ready for the future and get in touch.

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Our Strategic Solutions

Our student-consultants operate in an interdisciplinary team and follow a Bachelor or Masters' education at a Dutch research university such as the Delft University of Technology, Leiden University and/or Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Independent of organisational culture and existing thinking patterns, our students use their creative ways of thinking to quickly target problems at their core and to come up with practical solutions. These may include analyses on blind spots, business strategy, future market trends, product portfolio, marketing, sales, application of new techniques, human resource management, finance and much more.

The ultimate goal of a Creativity Pools is to inspire and give more guidance about the strategic directions of today and tomorrow.

Our Talents

Our student consultants often have many extracurriculars next to their studies. They  follow an honours programme, study abroad, are active volunteers in society or are members within student and study associations. 


In our Talent Management Program (TMP) we coach and guide our student-consultants to develop their talents even more. Within the program they discover their interests and strengths which they apply in our of projects. They are offered multiple training courses which focus on networking, deep learning (concentration), cooperating, taking courage, presenting and debating etc. This gives them a considerable advantage over other graduates when kickstarting their professional career.

Students who have completed a Creativity Pools often go to our partners, start their own company abroad or continue their career paths following a PhD.

Curious what our talents can bring your organisation?
The Creativity Pools Journey
Copy of Timeline external project (3000 × 800 px).png

Meet-up with student-consultants at Creativity Pools. Presentations, guest workshops to prepare for the business case at hand.

Acquaintance of client with students. Presentation and introduction from the client.

Intro to the organization and explanation of problem definition.

First presentation of solution directions and proposal. Review and feedback by client for the remainder of the project.

Implementation of proposal and a narrow focus on the solution directions of choice. 

Presentation of the final result and explanation by students. Q&A with client and hand-over of reports and documentation.

After-case students and client evaluation. Follow-up on implementation and close monitoring.








Each Creativity Pools team consists of 4 students from different universities, working 10 hours per week independently of the organisation and guided by an experienced coach. In a relatively short time frame of 12 weeks results are presented. 

What Our Clients Say

“Creativity Pools came up with very inspiring ideas for us that we are sure to get started. In this time it is good to look beyond your own well-trodden path. Creativity Pools has succeeded well in this. We see it as a crowbar to our future.”
Marc de Jong | CEO at LM Windpower
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