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Creativity Pools Update!!!

EBC with the Ministry of Justice & Safety

It is found that 40% of people in the Netherlands cannot gain access to legal representation; therefore, a team of 4 of our innovative students was created to work with the Ministry of Justice and Safety (Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid) to resolve this issue. The team helps the Ministry to provide a plan to improve people’s experiences by giving them equal access with legal and justice, regardless of their background. Additionally, they also try to look at the core of the disequilibrium in different branches of law, as more people are choosing commercial law over legal aid law, and try to resolve this problem in the long run.


EBC with Ingenieurs Rotterdam

In addition, we also started a new external project happening parallel to the previous one! This new, innovative, and diverse team, 2 of each from HBO, MBO, and research university, are working with Ingenieurs Rotterdam on a ground-breaking engineering project for the Municipality of Rotterdam using their knowledge from different levels of education. They plan to test out the use of fibreglass with Internet connection to gain immediate insights into the quality of infrastructure in the city. Finally, the team will come up with a plan to implement the technology within Rotterdam, and further, throughout the Netherlands.


Dinner with Honours Programme (Hogeschool Rotterdam)

Recently, we had a presentation and dinner with students in the Honours Programme from Hogeschool Rotterdam. The team presented their progress with multimedia marketing to promote their programme to students in the school, and evaluated their plan based on the set goals.

As part of the Community Building, we realised that there were lots of similarities between our target audiences, content, and growth, to which we all focus on raising awareness for our organisations. We spent some time talking about our experiences, and sharing advice to help each other grow. This discussion has brought great and beneficial insights into how Community Building can contribute in the growth of Creativity Pools via the use of media. Finally, we had a lovely dinner, and made good connections to this nice team of people.


Changes to the team

In the past few months, we’ve already had some exciting news regarding our team. We have received numerous applications to our organisation, and many creative new members have joined, as a valuable addition to our team.

Our Community Building has welcomed various talented members from different backgrounds, and they are working on numerous ambitious projects to promote Creativity Pools. In addition, the Talent Management Programme is being tested on a small scale, and we plan to make an official launch of this project soon, promising to break the gap between organisations and our community of gifted students.

In the future, we are planning to build up our team by welcoming more members, thus expanding our horizon by organising more events and workshops for our community.

If you are interested in becoming a part of us, don’t forget to check out all our available job postings, and apply right now for the perfect position to create a boost for your career!

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