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Exploring the Path to a Sustainable Future - EU Green Week 2022

Updated: Jun 13

EU Green Week is an annual event organised by the European Commission to raise awareness and promote discussion on environmental issues and sustainable development. Each year, EU Green Week serves as a hall for discussion by bringing together policymakers, environmental organisations, businesses, and the general public from across Europe to discuss on a specific theme related to environmental sustainability.

Taking place from June 3rd to June 11th, EU Green Week 2023 focuses on the theme “Delivering a Net-Zero World”, with numerous on-site conferences and debates hosted in Brussels, Belgium, and various partner events happening all around Europe. Many of these events will be broadcasted online, which act as a site for self-learning and deepening understanding of the topic.

The Brussels conference will play a key role in this week of sustainability, acting as a space for discussion and net-working, with distinguished speakers from the world of politics, business, NGOs, and academia.

On June 6th, the first day of this event, numerous policy debates focusing on the theme “Delivering a Net-Zero World” will be held, discussing the latest EU environmental policies, particularly on biodiversity, circular economy, and zero pollution. Various panel discussions will take place, in addition to two fireside chats with prominent figures in the field of environment.

June 7th offers participants with various expert workshops zooming into more technical and specialised topics. A new TV magazine presented by Euronews aims to provide insights into the journey towards a sustainable future, and workshops will also focus on finance for biodiversity, environmental fairness, fostering the skills and mindsets for the sustainability transition, and strengthening the fight against environmental crime.

Besides these exciting conferences, partner events led by universities, businesses, organisations, and government agencies, will be happening across Europe and beyond. The focus of these events is on raising awareness and educating people on environmental protection and sustainable living practices. Various activities will be held, such as educational workshops, seminars, and eco-friendly projects on the importance of “green” skills – skills which will empower people to join and contribute to the green transition.

EU Green Week 2023 presents a significant opportunity for individuals and organisations to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborative initiatives that pave the way for a net-zero world. With a variety of activities for people at all levels, participants can celebrate progress, gain valuable insights, learn useful skills, and contribute to the ongoing efforts in protecting and restoring the environment. By harnessing the power of knowledge, innovation, and collective action, EU Green Week reinforces the importance of environmental sustainability for current and future generations. For more detailed information on the events happening, you can follow the official EU Green Week 2023 website at:

Creativity Pools is thrilled about the EU Green Week and the growing number of sustainability-focused events taking place worldwide. These events play a crucial role in raising awareness about sustainability among individuals and businesses by showcasing insights from experts. As an organisation, we are looking forward to the changes these events make, and are willing to adapt them into our operations, while trying to help promote sustainable start-up in the Netherlands.

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