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Get to know ''De Nacht Club''!

Updated: Mar 29

We are about to launch a new series of posts about social initiatives that have caught our attention for their particularities and geniality. Our goal is to point out projects with similar values as ours and which are also making a difference out there because, why keep great things only for ourselves when we can share them?

Today’s focus is on De Nacht Club, or “The Night Club” in English. This is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Rotterdam, which has been working with our The Hague Project team and invited us to visit their project. During the visit, it was surprising to see that, from the many purposes the night can serve us, they decided to explore its unfamiliarity and mysteriousness as a way to encourage people to, ironically, allow themselves to be more vulnerable and open. The main idea is to create trusting relationships. For that, they go to different neighborhoods during the night and propose a conversation with professionals and residents that dare to open up about their problems, fears, doubts, accomplishments, or even what is taking off their sleep. In the end, an environment that initially makes you sharp and attentive can change you into being more exposed and sensitive to not only listen to your concerns but also others’. As they say, “De Nacht Club is a safe space for unsafe subjects”.

In the end, the only possible conclusion is: What a creative initiative! It is great to see other organizations that are exploring non-obvious paths to propose different solutions and make a difference. If you are willing to explore your creativity, experience working with people coming from diverse backgrounds, and dare yourself to face new challenges, consider checking out this project as well as applying to work with us through the link:

Check out the video and photos below to get to know more about the project!

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