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Updated: Mar 29

This is the first monthly update of our blog! This new initiative aims to provide a better understanding of our projects and initiatives across the months. As the new year came, also many different projects, accomplishments, and initiatives are being developed. The month of February came with many changes, including the launch of our new website, the finalization of the sustainability council project with SCAVE, the updates on the project with The Hague municipality, and the new members and new organization of the community building.

The first highlight is about the sustainability council. This month, they ended their work with SCAVE, a Dutch regenerative Agroforestry company dedicated to making a substantial and positive impact on the world. During this month, as the project was coming to an end, the Sustainability Council team worked on its final report. With this, they summarized the main goals of such initiative. Overall, SCAVE aims to design and implement the first regen farming robots made for and by farmers, aiming to ensure an easy and incentivized transition to regen agriculture. Their innovative solutions come from the integration of updated scientific literature, econometric data, and nature-based solutions principles. The report also highlights SCAVE’s commitment to supporting local economies, improving food quality, and protecting land and water resources, underlining that their business model is rooted in enabling farmers to transition agricultural practices through scalable infrastructure.

In the meantime, another one of our external projects is currently working with The Hague municipality. Their collaboration started last November and is expected to come to an end at the begging of March. For this reason, the team focused on concluding their recommendations regarding the project this month. The project seeks to improve the self-esteem and self-image of young children and young adults living in the neighborhoods of The Hague. In addition, our team had the chance to visit the Night Club this month, which is an initiative promoted by the municipality of Rotterdam. If you are interested in knowing more, consider checking out our social innovation post of February. In general, we believe this experience was an amazing opportunity for the members of the team to see their work being put into practice, explore their creativity and work on the last steps of the project. Additionally, they met with Paul Hofstra, a top consultant working at the Rekenkamer, the Dutch court of Auditors, who guided them in refining their final presentation. We are excited to share that the team’s work is finalized and the pitch of their recommendations is scheduled for next month, so stay tuned for our next update.

The community building welcomed two new members to compose its team, Eshita and Vy, and now has a team lead, Clara, that organized the team’s internal work, develops a monthly calendar, and divided the tasks among the members. Currently, the community building team was divided into two subteams, one working on the blog and the other on the Instagram posts. Developing a new plan of action, the team was able to create different kinds of content for its social media, posting reels on Instagram, conducting interviews with CP members, and working on blog posts for our new website recently launched.

We are thrilled about the updates of our different teams and would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all Creativity Pools members for their hard work this month. We are excited to share the new updates for March and throughout 2023! If you are interested in exploring your creativity and being part of one of our amazing projects, do not hesitate in applying through our job portal!

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