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We are pleased to share with you our latest monthly update for March. This month, we have some exciting news to share with you about the completion of our project with The Hague Municipality and the expansion of our Community Building. Our team has been working tirelessly to achieve our goals, and we are thrilled to share our progress!

The first highlight of the month is the conclusion of The Hague Municipality project. Our consultants presented the final project to the municipality after working on this project since last November. Overall, the aim is to improve the self-image, self-esteem, and pride of young people in focus areas of The Hague. To have a better understanding of this, they conducted research, which showed that social acceptance, appearance, and sports achievements are crucial influences on youth’s self-image and self-esteem. The quality of education and home environment in the less developed areas of the city is also lower than in the rest of The Hague, which can negatively impact young people's self-image and self-esteem. Moreover, most of these youngsters face a range of social problems, including poverty, integration issues, and domestic violence. To tackle the issue, the team proposes the development of a platform that provides young people with an overview of all relevant activities. This platform would serve as a central hub for information on activities, events, and opportunities tailored to the interests and needs of young people in focus neighborhoods. The platform would be designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, with clear categories and filters for activities based on factors such as location, age, and interests. Its main goal is to increase the participation of young people in positive activities, boost their self-image, and promote a sense of pride in their community. Overall, this has been a significant milestone for us, and we are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our team and The Hague municipality who made this possible!

In addition, we are delighted to welcome new members to our community building! As our community continues to grow, we recognize the importance of having a diverse range of voices and perspectives to contribute to our discussions and initiatives. Thus, in order to improve our recruitment strategy, Shirly and Matthijs joined the team, and are now focused on attracting new students to join us, as well as external companies that we can work with. We are positive that their expertise and creativity will help us achieve our goals!

We are thrilled about the updates of our different teams and would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all Creativity Pools members for their hard work this month. For next month, there are many interesting projects starting soon, so if you are interested in exploring your creativity and being part of one of our amazing projects, do not hesitate to check out our open positions and apply through our job portal or our LinkedIn page!

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