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Local Government

Finding opportunities and incentives that help local municipality to become more sustainable.

Gemeente Den Haag
Gemeente Rotterdam
Gemeente Zwijndrecht


THE CHALLENGE: Finding a number of opportunities and incentives that help the municipality to become more sustainable.

THE PROCESS: During a number of meetings with representatives of the municipality of Zwijndrecht, a dialogue was started about the content of the project. Many different voices were heard in this and the research question was further fine-tuned. The main objective of this project was to provide the municipality with inspiration for the further implementation of the sustainability agenda. After the failed initiative to install wind turbines, there was a need for a new positive impulse.

THE RESULT: Creativity Pools has found seven topics (also known as 'directions') in which sustainability can be achieved. Energy targets apply to all Dutch municipalities to work together towards an energy-neutral 2050. With the (provisional) discontinuation of the plans for the wind turbines, there seems to have been a bigger gap in the energy budget than there was already. Creativity Pools has found alternative ways to meet the sustainability agenda.

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