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Staffing & Recruitment

Young talent is incredibly important to every organisation. At Creativity Pools we recruit, select, staff and coach talents during their studies and early careers. Our Job Portal connects you with our talents to help your organisation achieve its goals, whether you're looking for short-term or long-term placements.


At Creativity Pools, we believe in the importance of attracting and retaining top young talent. Our experience working with this group has taught us what drives them and what they need to succeed. We are committed to helping you find talented individuals who share your values and make your organisation thrive.


Our community features a pool of diverse talents with various study backgrounds, skill sets and work experiences: whether you are looking for fresh talents doing an internship or recent graduates kick-starting their careers.

Check out our Job Portal and connect with our Creativity Pools talents and or download our brochure for detailed information!


The Recruitment Process

Within the TMP, a series of weekly workshops are available to you, filled with useful tips for developing your skills and building a future-proof career.

Business District


  1. Recruit: Connect and have a coffee and/or meeting with our talents using our Job Portal. Set a preferred time and date 

  2. Select: We will reach out to you to make an inventory of your wishes and look for other talents in our community. Your vacancy will be added to our job openings

  3. Staff: If there is a match, we will make the paperwork ready and you can start working together right away

  4. Coach: based on your wishes we coach our talents during their placement making sure they succeed.


We offer both hourly and fixed-rate billing, depending on the type and duration of the placement. 


  • Temporary placements: we bill on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your preference.

  • Permanent placements: we typically bill a one-time fee based on a percentage of the talent's annual salary.

Staffing Types

  • Part-time staffing: Ideal if your organisation is looking for temporary support for specific projects or during busy periods.

  • Full-time staffing: Perfect if your organisation is looking to fill long-term roles or permanent positions.

  • Temporary staffing: Great if your organisation is looking for short-term staffing solutions to cover absences or peaks in demand.

  • Internship programs: We offer internship interns that provide a valuable opportunity for your organisation to attract and develop young talent.

About our Community

Our community exists of motivated Dutch speaking and International talents. We have 10+ years of experience in the consulting industry and have built a reputation for delivering impact to society and inspire clients with new and fresh ideas. With a network of over 250 alumni working in different industries, 13 nationalities onboard, and multiple connections to leading research universities, we connect you to the talent you are looking for.


We are proud of our pool of talents! Our in-house Talent Management Program ensures that our people are not only highly skilled but are also passionate and eager to make a meaningful impact within their future roles. 

Staffing Options

How to Get Your Career Starting


with our community of CP alumni from your field. Remember, our alumni have been in your shoes and can share their knowledge and expertise to support you in your job orientation.


to think differently and share your career vision among student-consultants from other fields. Your vision has an impact on the group and vice versa.



yourself continously and engage in various extracurricular activities alongside your studies. Stay focused on the progress of your development.

Find out more about our alumni network and it can offer you here:

Students That Found Their Next Opportunity


"Working as a consultant at Creativity Pools is one of the best work experiences any university student can have. You will have the freedom to tackle complex business problems from the most prominent companies and organizations in the Netherlands, allowing you to gain valuable experience and learn from other students with diverse backgrounds. The management team at Creativity Pools is already generous in offering you this opportunity, but they go even further by helping you find your next dream job after graduation through their extensive network."

Finance Consultant

Erden Karso 🇳🇱

Tilburg University - BSc International Business Administration

Tilburg University - MSc Strategic Management

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