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Talent Management Program

Your journey

Students often enter the job market with little professional experience, unrealistic expectations, and unawareness of their full potential. The Talent Management Programme (TMP) acts as a roadmap for students to expand their professional skills, knowledge, and personal development. Students in the TMP discover their interests and talents through individual job crafting, allowing them to experience on-the-job learning and proactive problem-solving. We coach and guide our students in this development, crafting an all-encompassing passport which helps them to kickstart their careers with the best foot forward.


Based on the journey of our student-consultants, we know that a focus  on personal coaching and development ensures a more confident experience when applying for your next job. It also reduces your trial and error as most of our student-consultants have the opportunity to work with one of our partners or clients.

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You will be added to our extensive alumni network of over 300+ ex student-consultants so you can share stories about the challenges you experience as a young professional

Or, you start working on one of the external projects in which more specific skills are required

A passport is created to help you be select the right working field during or after your studies

You start working on an internal project and are onboarded on the Talent Management Program

What We Offer You

Talent Development

  • On-the-job coaching on your development

  • Personal 1-on-1 job orientation sessions

  • Feedback workshops with peers and coaches


  • Soft-skills based on your predetermined learning goals

  • Hard skills taught by expert workshops, guest lectures or yourself.


  • On-the-job specific knowledge

  • Extended knowledge through network partners and our alumni ecosystem.


Passport with personal development, values and job ambitions.

Certificate with accredited skills and knowledge.

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